Stall Talk by William C., 801

2016 has been a great year for students in I.S.187. The Disney trip for Scientific Academy was fun. The upcoming trip to see The Crucible on Broadway will be great. Overnight trips for the academies will be a blast. However, one thing makes a bigger mark in our history books…. The renovated bathrooms for both genders!

Upon entering the new Boy’s bathroom, I felt a great sensation. Everything was new and it smelled better than any rose I could imagine. First of all, the stalls were all new – they had air fresheners to freshen up the place. The aesthetics of the stalls, and the toilets, were pleasing to one’s eye, milky-white porcelain with a curvy internal design…. Seemed like a mansion’s bathroom.

However, the most important feature was the AUTOMATIC FLUSHES! All the stalls and toilets were equipped with proximity sensors and will flush for you (if you haven’t been taught to do so yourself). The sinks are brand new, the walls are a new color, the floor color is changed, and most importantly, the toilets also have buttons to flush! No one ever wanted to hold a handle…

Oh the horrors of the old bathroom… Too inappropriate to describe in a school article. So this new bathroom is pretty good for my standards. (I don’t have high standards). While it is more sanitary than before, there are some improvements to be made still. We could really use a mirror. And air dryers, too, so the bathrooms don’t become a cornucopia paperbath.

Conclusion: Rated out of 10
Aesthetics: 8. Great fresh new colors, could’ve added a painting 😉
Utility: 10. Sensors are awesome.
Efficiency: 7. Stalls noticeably use less water to flush waste. Dryers could’ve been added to stop trees from being wasted for towels.
Privacy: 6. Privacy stalls are still too short for comfort.
Cleanliness: 7. Toilets needs some automatic seat lifting system so kids stop making messes on the seat.
Total: 38 out of 50 (76%… It’s just above passing grade)

Summary: Lots of new sensors, new colors, but with some improvements could be great.

3 Replies to “Stall Talk by William C., 801”

  1. The boy’s bathroom is depicted as amazing when in reality it’s almost just as bad as it was before the changes. The only real difference the automatic flushing and better stall doors. The automatic flushing doesn’t even work sometimes and there should be something in between the urinals. PLus, the entire bathroom is still filled with paper (and people doing homework/people on their phones).

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  2. Awesome review, basically all that I could have put in the review, except for the air dryer thing… We really need a mirror, like, IS IT JUST THAT WE’RE BOYS AND THAT WE DON’T NEED MIRRORS??? Other than that, yeah, the bathroom is a great improvement… Let’s see how long until the future generations mess this one up and cause a need for a new bathroom.

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  3. I enjoyed reading your review very much. Hopefully the boys’ toilet, as the sign calls it, stays a “mansion’s bathroom”. 😀 Don’t understand why they still didn’t give you guys a mirror…


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