Justice and Corruption Part 3 by Trevor N., 801

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1 week later…

“When I told both of you to learn how to defend yourself, this is not what I meant!” Sally told the two men sitting on the couch.

“But we are learning how to shoot a gun!” Adam protested

“In a videogame!” was her terse reply.

“Video game or reality, what’s the diff?” Carl inquired.

“Well, for one thing, how is it going to help you survive and defend yourselves?!” Sally shouted.

“We are killing evil things that-,” Carl began to say.

“Are zombies,” Sally finished with a sigh as she saw Adam attempting but failing to gun down a wave of smelly undead people.

“So?” Adam said.  “The differences between the killers and the zombies are almost nonexistent.  Both groups are large in numbers, relentless, violent, and probably have bad breath.”

“What? Did you go up and sniff one when you saw a criminal?” Carl joked just as a zombie snuck up behind his character and brutally murdered him.  “Oh great…”

A tirade of angry words came out of his mouth like the time he stubbed his toe.  “Don’t worry, I’ll help you-” Adam was cut off as the zombies in the game devoured him and both of them lost the round.

Sally chuckled.  “If you can’t survive AI controlled monsters in a game in which reloading a gun takes like a second and aiming guns are easy, how can you expect to use an actual weapon.”

“Well, for starters, um…” Adam’s voice trailed off.

Sally sighed.  “You know what. I guess I’ll have to teach both of you how to become nimrods.”

“What?” Adam asked, looking insulted.

“I think she means the other meaning-a hunter.” Carl informed him as he got up and shut down the gaming system.

“Wait, it means hunter as well?” Adam looked at both of them as they walked out of the house.  “Hey, wait for me!”

The lush green grass shifted slightly as a calm wind brushed the grass. The sun mitted bright, warming rays to those who could feel it. The songs of the birds and the splashing sounds brought a sense of peace to the three figures standing in the backyard.

Adam lifted up the Beretta Nano in his hand. “Um, do you seriously have these guns?” he asked.

“Why?” Sally asked as she walked over to Carl and gave him an Adaptive Combat Rifle.

“Well, for one thing, you have 3 pistols and like 2 of that gun Carl’s holding,” he replied.  “Also, why are you carrying a blunderbuss? Those things are like, back when cavemen existed.”

“Do you even know anything about early history mate?” Carl groaned as he stared at Adam.

“It’s called exaggeration…” Adam told him.

“Wait, I thought you were serious!” Carl exclaimed, feigning a look of surprise.

Adam fumed at his remark. “What did you just say?!  Do you really think I’m that naive?”

“Yeah,” came the response.

“Okay, that’s it!” Adam shouted as he raised the pistol.

“Wait!  I didn’t mean it!” Carl blurted out.

Adam pressed the trigger on his pistol, but his aim was off. The bullet flew past Carl and bounced off a pipe.  The bullet then proceeded to tear through the wall of someone’s house.  All three of them heard a shatter, a scream, and swearing.

“Well, I think that’s enough practice, don’t you people think so?” Sally asked nervously as the scream resonated throughout the town

“Yep,” was the simultaneous reply as they both ran away.

“This is why the militia was disbanded,” Sally mumbled as she sprinted off to her place.

The woman was fuming as she glared at the retreating people.  She managed to calm down and took notice of the identity of the man who shot the gun just before he disappeared from sight.  She tried recalling his name.  ‘Was it Adam…No wait it was Adam’ she thought.  She slowly started grinning as she slowly the knife that was in her hand.  ‘Well I was having quite the trouble figuring out my next victim.  Thank you for your help, Adam.”


Adam sighed as he sat down and turned on his laptop.  “Man, what a busy day,” he said out loud.  “Yes, a very busy day.”  He clicked on the skype icon on his device.

‘I hope they have some free time to talk,’ he thought as he tried to initiate a skype call.

“Hey dude!” a man shouted as he appeared on the screen.  “What’s up?”

Adam winced.  “You don’t need to scream Boris.”

“Heh, sorry about that,” was the apology.  “I had a very stressful week and shouting just seems to help…”

“Why, hello Boris and Adam,” another voice said.

“Hey Lance!” Adam replied.

“What’s up doc!” was Boris reply.

“Oh nothing much,” the doctor said.  “I had to deal with the usual calm people.  Unfortunately, there was one hysterical patient.”

“Hysterical?” Boris asked.

“Oh yes, indeed,” Lance told him.  “It was just so nice of fate to give me a drama queen for a patient!”

Adam snickered.

“Well, you should have expected that from entering the medical field,” a female voice suddenly said.

“Nobody expects anything these days,” another voice rang out from the computer.

“Welcome to the club, Elizabeth and Lauren.”

“Well, now that everybody’s here…” Adam began to say.  “Would all of you guys like to visit me in Salem?”

“Sure, why not?” Elizabeth replied.

“I can try, although I might have to bring along my roommate…” Boris told Adam.

“Okay, but why?” Adam asked.

Boris sighed.  “My roommate was a war hero who survived the Iraq War.  Unfortunately, she experienced some traumatic event.  She appears to suffer from PTSD, which is pretty sad.”

“Maybe I can try to help her,” Lance suggested.  “I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology.”

“It’s no use, even the best doctors from around the world attempted to cure her fears,” Boris said, frowning.  “I know you are skilled and all, but I think it is too late. She is so scared that she acts like a serial killer on trial with all evidence against her. She even once told me that she feels that any second, someone will come and execute her…”

“I should be able to come, there haven’t really been any clients lately,” Lauren told Adam.

“That’s because vampires don’t exist…” Boris stated.


“Science explains that the existence of vampires are only true in the imaginations of mankind. Those books are examples of humanity’s mind,” Lance firmly stated.

“Yeah…” Elizabeth muttered.  “Well, I should be able to make it.  My vacation days are coming up anyway.”

“That’s great!” Adam exclaimed.  “I can’t wait to see you guys!”

“Sure, just make sure to prepare yourself for my screaming, crazy roommate…” Boris grumbled as he left the chat.

“I should be able to finish up my paperwork and stuff in a few hours, so I should arrive in about 2 days,” Lance informed them.

“I’m currently in Saudi Arabia, so I might take a while to get there,” Lauren said.

“Actually, I’m in New Jersey, so I think I should arrive there by morning,” Elizabeth stated.

“Then it’s settled!” Adam declared as he leaned back in his seat.  “I’ll see all of you soon!”

The rest of his friends said their goodbyes and left the chat.

Adam sighed.  “Man, I really hope that no incidents would-”

He gasped out in pain as something sharp drove into his chest.  He looked down and saw the edge of a knife sticking out.  Adam whimpered as he tried to turn around and came face to face with a woman.  She grinned.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take even more time to kill you.”

What did I do to deserve this?! Adam thought as he opened his mouth and screamed.

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