Love on the Street: A Story of Happiness and Despair by Brian Z., 705

It just happens so,

On a bright, sunny day

My head put to sleep in the clouds, numb and lazy

That I come across

A young girl strolling down the dirt lane

Her hair silver in the sun, her hands soft and delicate

My dreary eyes forced open by a face of indescribable beauty

The art of daydreaming took over once more

A lad of 25 I was, cheerful in his own state

A young bride clutching my arms, her flowing white dress a priceless treasure

“My fair lady, may this ring mark the everlasting love that develops between us…”

It was then at the same moment that a joyous voice rung in the distance

I opened my eyes, only to find her in the arms of another man

He who danced in a suit dark and treacherous as midnight

To ruin my only hopes

But immense courage has propelled me to win her back

Yet my pockets have disappointed me with a single, rusted nickel

After all that I have lost in a Casino by my hut of straw and sticks

A single thought brightened my day as I strolled along the dirt pavement

The vast oceans are home to fish just as beautiful

Maybe even those who see a man beyond his gold and jewels

As the lane came to a dead end, I heard in the far distance:

“This ring I have bought for you is of the upmost quality and pleasure”

Upon hearing this, I continued a daily routine of daydreaming

Only to be awaken

By yet another maiden strolling down the lane

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