Fear by Rebecca R., 605

Fear is sitting on the floor with your back against the wall.
Fear is not much being scared of something, but being scared of what it would do to you or what you have become because of it.

You are scared of losing yourself to the demons inside of you.
You are scared of yourself.
You take a look into your soul, and can’t stand to see its emptiness.
You start crying. For hours you just sit there, bawling.
Once you have no more tears left to shed, you start laughing.
You are hysterical.
You don’t even know why. People always used to say that laughing is a form of fear. Now you finally get it.
Your hysteria ceases, and you start to softly cry again.
You are scared. Purely scared. Frightened, even.
As the black takes you over, you try to remember what it was like before your life took a turn for the worse. What had you done wrong?
You can almost see the smiling faces of your old friends in your mind, and you try to get a grip on them as they fade away into the darkness of what was now your life.

All you can feel is fear.

All you can see is fear.
All you know is fear.

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