As I silently observed my surroundings of the gray city,
I couldn’t help but muse
Of the glaringly blatant differences
That separated myself from typical others.
And therefore, I outcasted myself from this world,
Digging my own grave in the process.
I noticed that people
Smile when they’re joyed
Frown when they’re upset
Laugh when they’re truly amused
(or when others are doing so as well).
And they bare their teeth when disturbed.
As for me, I used to
Smile with a heavy heart
Frown to conceal my cracking curve
Laugh with a still soul
Or during inappropriate times.
And I bared my teeth when, to be honest,
I really wanted to run away.
And yet, I am actually not a good liar so
All these emotions, became so wrongfully revealed;
All these expressions, became so wrongfully misinterpreted.
Because of this, I stopped trying to make myself feel as if I belonged
And erased all waverings of my unsatisfied heart….
I know that I can never fit in with the conventional society of this world.