Musical Inspired Sneaker Design by Meghan D., 805

This is a sneaker design (thank you Ms. Cullen for the template) based off of two hit musicals written by LinManuel Miranda, In the Heights & Hamilton – An American Musical.
Both shows take place in Manhattan, which is the reason for the skyline. One of the female leads of In the Heights sings of taking the elevated train out of the barrio where she lives, which explains the train on the A route to Washington Heights. The star is the symbol for Hamilton, and the words next to it read Lafayette, a main character from the show. The bottom of the shoe reads “WHAT IS A LEGACY”, a lyric from Hamilton’s final thoughts before his death.

In the Heights is about three days in the life of a Dominican immigrant in an ethnic neighborhood of mostly other Latino immigrants or the children of them, known as Washington Heights. The music consists of genres such as hip hop, salsa, and acoustic. The show was nominated for a total of thirteen Tony Awards, and won four.
Hamilton is about the life story of our nation’s first Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, narrated by his rival and killer, Arron Burr, senator of New York and Vice President to Thomas Jefferson.
The music is known for being rap and hip hop, but also perfectly displays a lot of ballads, soft songs, and a wide variety of other genres. The show has broken a Tony Nomination record, now in the running for a total of sixteen awards!
In the Heights has been closed since 2011, and Hamilton has been on Broadway since August of 2015.  Both Original Cast Albums are on Spotify and iTunes, and are definetly worth a listen.

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