“Come Home”By: Kelly L. 605

“I wondered what it would be like if I never saw him again.” I thought over and over.

“He’s a valuable asset to my life” I whispered in the cold dark night.

“Angel?..” I heard behind me.

I spun around thinking to myself is it him? Or is it not? From the day he left I’ve been a wreck. All I have been thinking about is him.
I wish he could’ve told me in advanced that he was leaving. If I known before hand I would have been ready to see him go. But No.
He left without a single word.
I looked at this man who had a hat and a scarf that covered half of his face. All I see is his dark brown eyes. A spark lit up inside me.
“Dad!?” I shouted questionably.
“Angel!, I’ve missed you so much!” my dad stated as he embraced me in a tight bear hug.
I was shocked, angry, and happy. I didn’t know what to feel. I didn’t know what to do. Has he changed? Have I changed? I couldn’t tell.
Last time I saw him he was a strict business dad. But now? HE”S HUGGING ME! Never had one of those in a while. I hugged him back, finally.
Wait, is this a trick for me to not remember that he left me without a notice? This moment didn’t last too long.
“Where were you?!” I shouted furiously, as I broke the hug.
“I had a business trip Angel. They told me that I had to go to California the day before I went. It was night when they told me this and I had
to go early in the morning.” He exclaimed hurt.
“You never called dad, explain that!” I stated with a glare.
“Aren’t you suppose to be happy? I haven’t seen you for 2 months and you’re angry at me.” he said with a raising tone, avoiding my question.
“The fact that you don’t know how much you mean in my life is absolutely ridiculous.” I stated as I ran off.
I hear shouting behind me. but I couldn’t care right now. Tears roll down my face as I passed the curb. Far from his view, I lay down
on the sidewalk hugging my knees. Head in my knees still thinking about what he just said. I punch the sidewalk, but it didn’t help. Pain grew
in my hand and I shrieked with pain. Eventually, it stopped hurting and throbbing. How could he do this to me? My mom passed
away and I’ve been living with my aunt for the past 2 months. Of course I’m angry at him!
I hear the running of shoes brushing against the sidewalk constantly. Then, it stopped. The only thing I could hear now is me crying. I looked
up. I see my dad looking at me sadly. He was crying.
“Angel, I’m so sorry, the events that happened in the past got to me. From your mom passing away to my job.”
“Dad, you mean so much to me. Never leave me. I feel so lonely with mom gone and then you leave too.” I said in a meaningful voice.
“I will never leave you again Angel.”
He hugged me as we both sit there on the sidewalk crying. He was the first one to get up, then he helped me up. Hand in hand we go up
to our apartment and go to our beds. I kissed him goodnight as I went up the stairs. When I got to my bedroom I looked at the picture of
my mom. I took it and kissed her goodnight too.
I held the picture as I slept and I held something that she always gave to me even in the worst situations and I will remember it forever.

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