Cool Summers Of Alabama by Brian Z.,705

The year had ended

ever so abruptly

But to no dissatisfaction of mine

It was that time of the season

that the sun became a mother

who cooked for her children

But to no surprise nor perplexion of theirs

Did it turn out to be

The cold earth

The memories were ablaze in my heart

But the Coke was stronger

I glanced up at a rosy sun

who smiled back

Warm sand beneath my toes

Dancing near the thunderous waves

The feeling of cool waves stroking one’s feet

may not be surpassed

the Heavens send rain upon

Or should it be that

The cold earth

My eyes spot sand castles

They were familiar, and yet distant

But to no caution of the sea

Should its tides carry them away

A parachute of dandelions carried in the breeze

Across the sea

But to whom should I give thanks?

Not the sun

Not the sea

Not the wind

the cold earth


And much respect to be paid

the cool summers of Alabama

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