Perseverance, Perseverance, Perseverance by Oscar E., 806


What to Remember

It is very important to be determined when facing challenges. Without determination, you cannot accomplish your goals for the future. Just worrying about your goal won’t solve the problem. Action is more powerful than words. Saying nothing and staying persevered can really save you. Always remember to believe in yourself and don’t let anybody discourage you.

How Perseverance Affected Me

When I was in fifth grade, I had to endure lots of work. Things weren’t easy. I did not know much about what happens when I stay determined. I also had to take the OLSAT to get to the middle school that I wanted to get into. I was extremely nervous because this test has a big effect on my future. Frankly, I noticed that the test wasn’t as difficult as I thought. When the test results came in, I was very happy to know that I actually made it to the top-ranking junior high school in NYC- Christa McAuliffe. When I first went into IS187, I endured even more work than I did in fifth grade. Life in IS187 was stressful. It was hard to predict when the next exam or quiz would take place. But I still felt at home at IS187 than I did in any other school. I missed my old buddies at elementary school but I was able to make new friends in IS187. I started to learn a little about the affect perseverance had on my success when I was in 7th grade. I was able to get better report card grades than I did in 6th grade. This was because I was less stressed out in 7th grade than I was in 6th grade.I understand that 8th grade is supposed to be the most stressful and difficult grade because of all the tests that I have to take. Not to mention the SHSAT. During one of my ELA classes, I was instructed how to meditate. Meditating allows us calm our minds and take away our stress. I was hoping that I could gain courage as well. I worked hard and promised that I will be brave while I take the SHSAT exam. The test was pretty easy to me when I persevered. Before I knew it, I got into Stuyvesant. I decided that no matter how hard the challenges will be, I will persevere and not give up.

My Advice to You

If you are facing a challenge in life, remember to never give up hope. Hope will always be in you. There is a hero inside of you and that is perseverance.

“All our dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

-Walt Disney

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