Friendship by Brian Z., 705

As warm and generous

a place the world may seem

It is a two-way door


Man can choose to be alone

But it is he who has further to fall

A shattered soul

unaware of its own heart’s happiness

Bearing the chains of society


The mightiest beast cries for consolation

at a time of darkness and despair

Only must he seek the same pain in another

Shall his dreams become reality


Man can choose to share his cup of coffee

For he has discovered the sole key to success

A rejoiced soul

whose happiness is held together by the strongest force

living to its heart’s contentment



A priceless treasure buried in the deepest point of one’s happiness

Only to be dug up

By you

2 Replies to “Friendship by Brian Z., 705”

  1. Brian, your poems. 🙂 The wording is complex and I always have to read it a couple of times to understand. (That’s a good thing.) But the endings are always sweet and so the poems always settle peacefully within me and leave a satisfying aftertaste.

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