A Parable About the Town of Cell by Orla M., 811

There was once a town somewhere in the country of  Body. That town was called Cell. Nobody really knows what happened to Cell for it was quite secretive about its business, but a rumor floating around is that it was invaded by another very secretive, rival city called Virus. That rumor is very plausible because this has happened to other various towns and cities in the country. You would probably think that the overall government of  Body should do something about this, and rightly so. Thing is, that’s actually how the country works. It can be very chaotic at times, cities invading others, but the country is usually stable. It’s fallen and risen again only about ten times, so don’t worry about it.

Even though many things that have happened within Cell have been kept a secret by its government, spies from the capital of  Body, the City of  Brain, managed to get information on the small, secretive, town. The first, very important thing to know about Cell is that they have a huge, stone wall surrounding it. That wall is called Cell’s “Membrane.” This made little sense to the spies – as well as Cell’s citizens – considering it’s a stone wall, but when the government officials were asked about it, they decided not to answer.

Cell is run by its Town Hall which is referred to as “Hall Nucleus.” Inside of that building is a room in which the town’s most important political people meet to create laws. There isn’t much known about this room other than its name, which is the “Nucleolus.” Hall Nucleus passes Cell’s new laws and sends the Dynamic Nucleus Administration (better known as the D.N.A police) to enforce them.

Next to Hall Nucleus is the “Endoplasmic Reticulum Factory.” It is the building owned by the Endoplasmic Reticulum Industry. This factory produces every kind of product that Cell needs, from garbage bins to toothbrushes, they make everything! It’s a very big building. The industry calls their products “proteins,” and they’re made by workers in the factory who the town’s citizens nicknamed “ribosomes.” The factory sends their proteins throughout the town and to the next major company, the “Golgi Bodies.”

The Golgi Bodies are a company spread all throughout the country of  Body. They are the heart of the trade business. All of  Body’s towns, cities, and villages give their products to their Golgi Bodies buildings, and they are given products from other towns, cities, and villages by the company. It is viewed as a fantastic system by the people who use it and a horrible system by the people outside of Body who don’t. But of course, that is all common knowledge to the people of and around Body, so let’s move on, back to the town of Cell.

Also next to the Endoplasmic Reticulum Factory is the “Lysosome Recycling Plant.” Yes, it does exactly what you’d expect it to do. It recycles things, and those things are used proteins from the factory. They do this by breaking apart the proteins and salvaging the parts useable for creating more proteins, and they then send those back to the factory.

The last important building in Cell is the “Mitochondria Power Plant.” This place powers the town using something called “Adenosine Triphosphate,” or ATP. Brain’s spies weren’t able to find out exactly what that is, but they did find out that it’s some sort of chemical that creates power for Cell. How it works is unknown.

Alright, that seems to be all that was uncovered by Brain’s spies. Now this may come as a surprise to you, but this entire article is a written recording of me, Cell’s amazing governor, reciting to these imprisoned spies what they wrote down about my town. This record and the spies’ information will be filed in the Nucleolus of  Hall Nucleus, never to be found again. No one outside our walls can ever know about our secrets.

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