Split: Chapter 1 by Andrew P., 706

It was the middle of the night – not a creature stirred, except for one. This story is about a boy with too much on his shoulders, too much grief in his eyes. He experienced much over the last few years. Shall we go back and see how it all started? Perhaps. Yes, let’s go.

Blazing hot sun shone down on the boy. 10-year-old Daniel was having a great day, but what was to be experienced later on was a terrible fright for him.

“Mama, may I go play with Allan?” asked Daniel. Allan was his friend, Allan was nice, but he was different. No one knew what was wrong with him. He would sometimes have a seizure and go back to normal, or talk to someone who isn’t there.

“Ok darling, go ahead. I’ll go sit on that bench.” Daniel’s mom pointed to a bench at the end of the park. While walking to Allan, who was just a few yards away, he saw Allan talking to nothing. Daniel was used to the talking to nobody, but this time, Allan was weeping and arguing.

“Why don’t you understand! He is old enough to understand!” Allan cried. Daniel was scared. “Well, I’ll tell him anyway!” yelled Allan. Daniel jumped from surprise, was this really Allan? “Daniel, listen to me. The world is coming to an end! The earth is splitting in many pieces! You and I can stop this! And, of course, my stubborn Angel Guardian, Jack,” said Allan.

“You didn’t even say hel..” Daniel was stopped short. “THERE IS NO TIME FOR THAT! Don’t you see?” said Allan, pointing to nothing. “Uhh, Allan, are you ok?” asked Daniel, a bit terrified.

“Oh, you can’t see because of the ring. Here is an extra one.” Allan gave Daniel a ring. He put it on, and when it got on, he saw everything. He saw every color more brightly, he could see details better, and then, where Allan was pointing, was a man with a brown thick beard, brown mohawk, and green robe of fine silk, with delicate gold on the edges of the robe.

“Oh my god, so this guy was who you were talking to?” asked Daniel. “I have a name,” the man said in a deep voice, “The name is Jack. Angel Guardian for Allan.” There was silence for a while, but Allan then said, “Now do you believe me when I say the world is coming to an end?” Daniel was shocked, was this true? “I-I-I can’t believe this, if this is true, the Earth can split any moment now?”

“I’m afrai-” and before Allan could finish, the Earth opened below him and he fell into the crevice. Jack dove to get Allan before he reached the bottom of the seemingly bottomless pit. Daniel dove to the side and saved himself. But neither Allan nor Jack re-surfaced. He ran to his mom. The Earth opened beneath her and she fell too, into the abyss. Daniel’s heart stopped. He stood there and almost went in after her, but he knew he would die too, and that helped no one. The Earth opened around him making a circle crevice. He had nowhere to go. The crevice was edging closer and closer. Now there was no way to jump. It was at least 20 feet or maybe 30 feet long.

Before the last piece of land fell away beneath him, he jumped and he felt the air in his face, was he still rising? How was there still light? He looked down and he was high above the crevice. He landed clumsily and tumbled onto ground on the other side of the crevice. He looked down into the crevice and he saw just black. It was as far as his vision could take him. Was the bottom the mantle? Is the mantle cracked too?

Still no sign of his mom or Allan or Jack. Something grabbed him by the shirt and he started flying high, high above the clouds. He was too shocked to talk. He looked up. He saw a brown beard, brown mohawk, and a green robe and massive green wings. It was Jack. “It’s time to tell you about your father, kiddo. He was an angel, he lived in heaven. He made you when he met your mother, then left because he had to do something, very important. He disappeared after that, he is nowhere to be found. But his final will said that everything goes to you. Every property or item in heaven that is his goes to you. However, if you want this, we must train you to be an angel. This is the only way you can save the Earth, and avenge your mother, and your friend Allan. We, the Guardian Angels, have an idea who might’ve done this, but you don’t need to know now. Now, off to heaven!” said Jack proudly as they soared to the place above the horizon.

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