The Legend of the Two-Headed Bearger by Oscar E., former 806

A long time ago, a young explorer named Philbert Xuereb was out exploring the forest at night. He always enjoyed doing so and that was part of his routine. But suddenly he heard a loud terrifying growl. “What was that?!” said Philbert.  The growl was so loud that the leaves of the forest trees fell to the ground. Philbert was petrified. Then suddenly, something landed on him. It was the body of a dead person who hung himself on one of the tree branches. Philbert, not knowing what creature made the sound, ran as fast as he could back home. Then he heard another horrifying sound. This time is was a howl. A bunch of bats heard the howl and flew in the sky for their lives. Philbert was both confused and scared.


Just as he could continue running, the howling and the growling was getting closer to him. Philbert quickly reached into his backpack and grabbed his flashlight. Just as soon as he turned on the flashlight, he heard the growl that he heard before and saw a very horrifying creature. The creature had two heads. And each head had two dull yellow eyes. The heads resembled the heads of bears. The creature had eight legs.  Its paws had sharp claws. The colossal beast had orange fur with lots of black stripes like a tiger. Its green scaly tail was 3 feet long and had spikes. At that moment, the creature bared it long, sharp teeth and glared at poor Philbert with fierce yellow eyes. “You look tasty.” said one of the beast’s heads.  I’M GONNA EAT YOU, YOUNG MAN!” screamed another head. Philbert screamed and ran for his life and soon made it back home.


The next day, Philbert woke up and noticed something familiar on the newspaper. The creature he saw made the headline. The police captured the creature and imprisoned it in a cage. Officers decided to name the rare savage beast the Two-Headed Bearger. Philbert was pleased. This time he felt safe to explore the forest once more. At 6:00, while Philbert was watching the news and having dinner, he heard something he didn’t want to hear. The creature broke loose! Philbert decided to not go into the forest to explore again.


The news of the creature breaking loose scared every person in town. Every night they would hear the howl of it. Several police officers from many generations are searched for the Two-Headed Bearger. For so many years of searching, the monster is nowhere to be found. But folks still say that when the moon is out, the Two-Headed Bearger still roams about. It is STILL OUT THERE.

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