For Everlasting by Karen D., 801 class of 2016

Going out of our way to trample on fallen autumn leaves
The satisfying crunch beneath our soles
Loops over and over as we laugh about nonsensicalities,
Strolling through the path home, you and I.

Though having just met each other, I learned to anticipate
Your sparkling eyes as they squint up, the upturn of your lips,
Your resounding giggle flutters along with the breeze,
Leaving a glistening trail of the joys of youth that we were unaware of then,
Five years ago, the “good old days”.
Now we walk, a soft warmth tingling within our linked arms tickling our funny bones as we become overwhelmed
By the ever so familiar gust of chill that we have experienced countless times together.
Autumn has come around again, the same as ever before, and I imagine that
As the leaves wrinkle with age, falling into heaps of purple red yellow brown,
Tossed up and around in seemingly-ceaseless circles conjured by the crisp October wind,
And as they grow back again months later, small hopeful polka-dots that flourish, engulfed by the tender sunlight,
In a vivid green that is ever short-lasting, waiting for the cycle to repeat,
We are two evergreen trees
That stand side by side, watching everything pass by us,
Come rain or shine, now or forty years later,
The red thread that ties our fates forever lasting.

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