International Human Rights Day by Margaret W., 811

   Every year on December 10th Human Rights Day is celebrated internationally. Human rights are basic components of life that humans have the right to. However, in many parts of the world, people are denied their rights. The right to education is an example of a principle that many countries fail to adhere to. Specifically, education for girls. Although there are also some circumstances in which boys are not allowed to learn, the majority of uneducated and illiterate population are girls. Girls Learn International’s (GLI) goal this year is to raise money to give these girls a chance to learn and work for a better future.

   The human right to education states “Everyone has the right to education. Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages.” For over 20 major nations, this right is not a priority. For example, in Nepal girls are expected to marry early and work in a household or be forced to serve others. In developing countries, hardly any girls continue their education past elementary school, even less make it to high school. Yearning for an education is sometimes even dangerous for girls in some countries, where harmful, and even fatal, threats are made towards girls who chose to go to school, which violates the right to an education when a person desires one. Despite all of the hardships of obtaining an education, girls in developing countries still persevere and persist in learning and attending school.

   Numerous developing countries also fail to obey the second part of the right to education, which states that at least elementary school is free. School is often only optional in these countries, such as Haiti and Guatemala, due to poverty being common. The tuition fee for schools usually exceeds the affordable amount for a family as well. If a family is fortunate enough to have a sufficient amount of money saved up for their child’s education, the family will most likely send a male to school rather than a female. Developing countries or countries struggling economically do not provide school as government service, unlike developed countries, such as Finland. They also do not follow the international human rights as strictly and morally as developing countries do, as these rights are not set in stone.

   Girls Learn International hopes to change this. By raising money to fund schools in need, we are providing a chance for a better life. GLI plans to hold fundraisers in which the proceedings will be donated to a partner school for girls, which in turn will allow more girls to enroll, skilled teachers, and better school materials. A girl having the opportunity to educate herself and grow intellectually opens up many more opportunities in life. For example, instead of living a life as a household servant, a girl can attend school and get a degree in law. Many girls and women have missed the chance to receive a full education and to expand their horizon of knowledge. GLI strives to provide the future generation of girls with the opportunity to pursue their dreams and grow in ways their ancestors could not.

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