How to Make Paper Christmas Lights by Orla M., 811

       Are you feeling festive but you’re not able to buy proper decorations? Well no fear, I’ve got a simple “how-to” on how to make paper Christmas lights to fulfill your decorating needs! Continue reading to see those steps and some pictures to demonstrate them.

Materials Needed:

1: Construction paper of various colors

2: Black or dark green construction paper

3: A pair of scissors

4: A pencil and eraser

5: Tape or glue


Step 1: Draw a teardrop shape on one of the sheets of construction paper.


Step 2: Cut out that shape. This will be your template for the rest of the lights.


Step 3: Place the template on the paper and trace it as many times you’d like on as many pieces and colors of paper you’d like.


Step 4: Cut out all of the shapes you just drew.


Step 5: On the black paper, draw a rounded rectangle about the size of the bottom of each bulb.


Step 6: Cut out that rectangle. It’s going to be the template for the bases of each bulb.


Step 7: Place the rectangle on the black paper and trace it as many times as the number of bulbs you cut out.


Step 8: Cut out all of the shapes you traced.


Step 9: Put a folded strip of the tape at the top of each rectangle and place the bulbs on top (as seen below) or put a line of glue at the top of each rectangle and do the same.


Step 10: Attach all the bases to all of the bulbs.


Step 11: At some point you should have cut out thin strips of green paper (wires) to attach the finished bulbs to and taped them to wherever you want your magical lights to be.


Step 12: Tape or glue the finished bulbs to the green wire and there you go, you’ve made the perfect Christmas decorations to put anywhere!


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