2016’s Top K-Pop by Astella L. and ShiYan L., 811

Top 12 K-Pop songs of 2016

Korean pop music, or known as K-Pop, has flourished throughout the year 2016. It is loved by many, including international fans and Korean fans itself. Although there were many hardships and obstacles throughout 2016, here are some of our Top 12 best K-Pop songs of 2016 to start your year off with a big bang (get it Big Bang as in Big Bang the K-Pop group? No? Ok ;~; )


12) “Tell Me What to Do”- SHINee

“Tell Me What to Do” by SHINee, which is a male K-Pop group, is a song about a person questioning and thinking about his relationship with his lover. The song talks about his feelings about it and he asks what to do in order to make his lover happy. The lyrics in the song talk about a dying relationship and how he is trying to save it by being there for her. This song is a mix between a ballad and mid-tempo dance track that sways those that listen to it. Although this songs instrumental was a good representation of 2016, it is a song that can be very saddening at times, which is why it is at 12.


11) “Very Very Very”- I.O.I

Although I.O.I will be disbanding this year at the end of January after debuting in early 2016 , their song “Very Very Very” will be a hit that will continue their legacy. This catchy song is about a girl telling the person she likes to slow down their relationship because she isn’t sure if she can trust that person and if the things he is saying to her are fake and deceiving. Although this song is very catchy and cheerful, its popularity comes mostly from its chorus, which is the only part most people know, making this song Number 11.


10) “Cheer Up”- TWICE

“Cheer Up” is a song similar to “Very Very Very”. It is about a girl wanting to slow down her relationship with someone, but she tells that person to cheer up because she needs time to know if she can give her heart to him and she is worried that she might get hurt if she confesses to him. She also talks about the way she acts to tell that person what she is trying to say. Although this song is similar to “Very Very Very”, it tops it because of its more dynamic sets and costumes used in the music video.


9) “Fire” – BTS

“Fire” by BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys, is a careless song where it’s mostly about taking risks because you don’t have anything to lose. The song is really upbeat and fast paced. The dance to this song is very quick and difficult, adding to the effect of living life and taking risks. This song can get people hyped up, but wasn’t as popular as other songs, making this song placed at number 9.


8) “Hard Carry”- GOT7

This song is about a man that is passionate and it’s about him showing his charms. It talks about how the man is really confident about what he does and he truly believes that he will be successful at whatever he is doing. This song gives a similar feel to “Fire”, but the song uses the theme of flight and transportation ( the album it’s in is called “Fly”) in a unique way, making it Number 8.


7) “Last Dance”- BIGBANG

This ballad is about growing up and becoming an adult. It talks about self doubt, the loss of those close to you, and being naive to this new world. Also, it talks about how the person just wants to go back into being young and how easy life was back then. The person asks for just one “last dance” with their memories and how much they wish to go back to the easier times. This song has a slow tempo and it emphasizes on how the person just wants one last dance. This song is placed at 7 because of its true meaning behind it and how this song relates a lot to one of their members (T.O.P), who is sadly leaving the band to do his military service for Korea. This song will bring back good memories of the band to those that have followed it from the beginning.


6) “Lotto”- EXO

This song is about a person who loves someone very much, and expresses this profound love through the lyrics of the song. This person talks about how they feel with this person and they tell the person to just have fun. This song is catchy and the sound effects help emphasize what the lyrics are about, making this at Number 6.


5) “Why So Lonely”- Wonder Girls

The Wonder Girls are one of the classic K-Pop groups, having been active for 10 years. Although there are rumors of them disbanding at the end of January, this reggae styled song shows that they can try new things and still be successful band that will thrive no matter what path they take. This song is about how a girl has this expectation on what love is like, and how much she wants that kind of love shown in movies. She is also confused on why she feels this certain way towards him and she is being blinded by this love she has for him. This song is placed 5th because of its own unique style.

4) “Russian Roulette”- Red Velvet

“Russian Roulette” is by Red Velvet, a girl group that makes music that is contemporary R&B and rap- infused pop. This catchy and upbeat/ cheerful song is about a girl knowing the truth behind someone’s lies about love and how both the girl and the lover feel about it. This song caught the hearts of many, including the leader of the boy group EXO, who can be seen dancing to it when being played, making this song at Number 4.

3) “Playing with Fire” – Blackpink

Blackpink is a new girl group that debuted August 8, 2016 with their single album Square One. “Playing With Fire” is in their 2nd album, Square Two. This song is about how a girl feels when she sees the guy she likes. The lyrics show that they are comparing her love for him to a fire. It talks about how she is addicted to him and how she’s clueless about what this love would lead to. Also, it says how her love for him grows rapidly and it can’t be stop, like a fire spreading.


Yes we know there are 2 slots left on this list but it’s because we can’t choose which one is better. These last two songs are everybody’s favorite and they are called “Monster” by EXO and “Blood Sweat & Tears” by BTS!!!

These two songs were very big in 2016 and are one of the songs that will become a classic in the future if it isn’t already!


“Monster”- EXO

This song was one of the biggest hits in 2016, with its catchy lyrics and has 92 million views on YouTube and counting! The songs lyrics are captivating but can be frightening at the same time. The song is about a monster-like person (personality wise) who loves someone that they used to hate but the way they want to treat that person is not right. The vocals of the singers added with the extremely difficult choreography makes this song one of the best in 2016!


“Blood Sweat & Tears” – BTS

This song is also one of the biggest hits of 2016, not to mention that it has over 76 million views on YouTube! This song has a upbeat style to it and the dance is quite difficult, just like the dance to “Monster” by EXO. The lyrics show that there is so much more to the world that just the surface and how they are just captivated by this “spell”. In their music video, they have many hidden meanings behind it. This song is one of the best songs of 2016 because it shows the seven members embracing the more complex and darker elements of the world.

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