The Man with the Small Umbrella by Orla M., 811

During holiday break, my family and I went to Manhattan on a rainy day. A man walking his dog – which happened to be wearing the same shade of red as its owner – opened up his umbrella as he passed us, and I noticed that the umbrella was probably meant for a child because it was very small. I thought this was peculiar, so I decided to draw them. I used graphite pencil to sketch it, went over it in artist’s ink pens, and colored it in with alcohol

4 Replies to “The Man with the Small Umbrella by Orla M., 811”

  1. Great style and colouring. Nice to see a bit of colour on WP, rather than the usual line drawings. Cute faces and strong proportions. Particularly like the dog and the man’s legs. I might get in touch, if you are interested in illustration. Trying to gather some artists I find on WordPress who might want to draw a picture for one of my stories or poems. Give each other some exposure, you know.


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