I gave you my heart,
Where once it rested on my sleeve.
It opened up to you,
Like a flower bud to the sunlight.
For a while, I thought,
The sunlight would be there forever.
But you changed,
And now my bud has closed.
You tricked me with sweet words,
Making me think you meant it.
I listened and absorbed, all that you said,
Like the flower taking in water.
But all that was a lie.
You gave me false hope, and crashed it down.
The flower wilted into a pile,
But it still has a bit of life.
The hope that maybe,
You were being truthful,
That you actually loved me,
That i was wrong.
The flower slowly grew alive,
But still debating if it should open its buds.
If it believes and loves again,
Perhaps, it’ll be able to find the sunlight again.