Throughout history, people have struggled to gain their rights and privileges of being an American.  People of color have been through a whole lot just to gain recognition and respect in their society and country. They were granted their rights in 1964, which pretty much ended segregation in our country. That was about 53 years ago, which may sound like a lot, but isn’t. On January 21st 2017, a historical and memorable march took place worldwide involving more than 1 million people. Both men and women across the globe in Australia, London, Africa, and of course, the United States marched onto the streets to protest against the inequality that women faced or are facing.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans, majority of them women, gathered on Washington D.C. to fight for their rights. They believe that their rights have been trampled on, and they are not receiving what they deserve. Now, the woman that started it all may surprise you, and is currently receiving a LOT of criticism from social media everywhere.  Her name is Linda Sarsour, and she is a Palestinian activist who organized the women’s march. Although she is being disliked by  numerous groups of people, she was supported by a great deal of celebrities. Image result for alicia keys at women's march

Image result for emma watson at women's march

As you can see, singers and actresses such as Alicia Keys, Emma Watson, Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Ashley Judd, and even Scarlett Johanssen participated in the march. Male celebrities such as John Legend and Michael Moore also marched and spoke at Washington.

How could such a minor tweet turn into something so big? Well, Linda Sarsour gathered and called a number of well known activists and celebrities to join her on the march and spread the word. No one really knows how the event went into worldwide factors, though, which is pretty amazing. More people marched for the “women’s March on Washington” than the march on Washington for the Civil Rights Movement!

There’s nothing like the 21st of January 2017. Women are fighting against hatred, unfair pay and sexism. They aren’t afraid to unveil their inner aggression.

Ashley Judd said that she was willing to be a “nasty woman”, and she isn’t shy to tell the world that she is a feminist. And the crowd went wild, as they did for every soul that had the courage to go up on that stage. Over 200,000 people marched on Washington, tallying America’s largest protest. Will  there ever be a comparable event like this? I don’t think so, and I am proud to live in a time like this. January 21st, 2017, the day that people worldwide broke out of their shell.


  1. Thank you Raisa for this informative piece. I had never heard of Linda Sarsour and didn’t know how this march started. It’s nice to learn something new. I can’t wait for your next article!


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