A Tale of Murder by Evelyn C., 805 class of 2016

There are 3 worlds on this planet. Pasado, Presento, and Futuro. In the 3rd world Futuro, there is a sea called Ria. On this beautiful body of water there is an island called Shermone. Shermone has always been one of those peaceful towns. Nothing big happens there. People do the same thing everyday. They wake up, eat, work, eat, work, eat, and sleep. This was everybody’s daily routine…until one day something broke this peace.
Upon waking up one day, people couldn’t find the fisher Reme. Reme was a nice guy who got along with everybody. Everyday he is out at the sea with his little boat fishing for fish. Then one day, people woke up to find his boat still docked at the harbor. This was quite weird since by this time he would normally be out on the sea catching some fish. People disregarded this because they thought that Reme was just simply sick. However one week away from that suspicious day, they realized that Reme hadn’t been out at the sea for that entire week. The people finally realized something was wrong. They all went to Reme’s little hut by the sea. The door was partially opened. Somebody pushed open the door…they found the body of a man, sliced in half, laying on the ground.
Detective Hoti was summoned to this scene of a horrific murder. He inspected the body of Reme and found out what kind of knife was used to cut his body in half. All other parts, he deemed, were useless to this case. He quickly called the 3 suspects that were the only ones on the island with access to that type of knife.
Suspect #1 was Gux. He was the black smith of Shermone so of course he would have access to this kind of knife. Gux recalled having only sold the knives to Yu and Palo, who are suspects #2 and #3, respectively. Yu is the fish seller on Shermone. Out of all 3 of the suspects he is the closest with Reme. Yu has that type of knife because he needs it to cut his fish. Palo is the butcher of the island. He needs the knife to cut his meat. Palo has been a long time rival of Reme and Yu since they are always competing to sell fish and meat. Out of the 3 suspects he is the most suspicious simply because of his rivalry with Reme. Gux is the least suspicious one. He rarely has contact with Reme besides when he sold Reme his products.
Detective Hoti interviewed all 3 of the suspects and quickly determined who murdered Reme. Was it Gux? Detective Hoti shook his head. Was it Palo? He seemed the most likely one to kill Reme. Detective Hoti again shook his head. Then it has to be Yu, right? Detective Hoti nodded his head. The people of Shermone asked Hoti to explain why Yu is the murderer. And here are the exact words of Detective Hoti.
“Because he smelled fishy…”

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