Respect for All Week by Leo L., 701

At IS187, through the week of February 13th to 17th, we are celebrating Respect for All week. Respect for All is a concept meant to promote positivity and respect in our students, teachers, staff, and the general public. This is my view and rationale on Respect for All week.


Monday, the 13th: “Throw kindness around like confetti day”. The concept of this to leave a kind message or inspiring quote on the bulletin board.

Targets: Positivity. The idea of the first day to spread some positivity and joy in the world. Writing a kind and inspiring message can turn anyone’s day around, if not, then at least mitigate their pain. To me, this means a lot. Everyone has felt a day of pain, mental abuse, stress, some kind of force that brings them down. Especially after the midterms, and the piles of work pushed upon students over these weeks, the messages will be a great support and driving force for them.


Tuesday, the 14th: “Pride day”. The concept of this is to show pride in who you are, and/or show support for others.

Targets: Self-confidence and support. The idea of Pride Day is to help students, or even teachers and staffs, recognize elements and characteristics of themselves that they feel proud of. A great way of encouraging self-esteem, the 2nd day will boost many individuals’ confidence. It helps them realize the amazing and incredible person they are, and can inspire them to continue being themselves, even if it means that they must go against society, stereotypes and boundaries to maintain who they are.


Wednesday, the 15th: “Sticker day”. The concept of this to use stickers as a representation of acceptance and support for individuality.

Targets: Acceptance and equality. A great thing about IS187, that we might take for granted, since the school and the staffs are so incredible, is how accepting everyone is. In my eyes, we are fortunate not to experience too much levels of bullying or excluding individuals for their differences. The school has a kind and inviting aura of support for all people, regardless of their gender, race, sexual orientation, or any other factor. We believe in embracing and welcoming things that make everyone special in their own way.


Thursday, the 16th: “No one eats lunch alone day”. The concept of this is to sit with someone who is not in your class, during your lunch friend, and try to make a new friend.

Targets: Sociability and trying new things. I, personally, love this idea. This helps encourage students that might be shy or an introvert to step out of their comfort zone. Often times, those people are afraid to make new friends because of judgement, because they like to spend time alone, or because they are afraid to talk to others. On the 16th, this can be turned around, maybe just for a day, but embrace the possibility of making a brand-new friend. Making a new friend is always awesome, someone who can help you be the best you can be and someone who understands, accepts, and stand by you.



Friday, the 17th: “Spreading messages of kindness day”. The finale of the Respect for All week ties back to the beginning. A member of Spectrum will read out loud a message from the bulletin board every period, spreading kind words to the school.

Targets: Kindness. To end off Respect for All week, inspiring and kind messages will be read over the PA system. This is a great way to end a week of equality and positive ideas, and a Friday in general. Hearing the words being said aloud just brings the words on paper come alive. But just because it’s the end of Respect for All week, it doesn’t mean any of these moral values and ideas should also end. It’s an easy task to spread positivity, kindness, and acceptance. It doesn’t cost money, it’s easy, and it makes you feel good. So let’s make the week of Respect for All amazing.

3 Replies to “Respect for All Week by Leo L., 701”

  1. Thank you, Mr. Feil! The school is such an inviting and accepting community, influenced by such kind and inspirational figures like you. After experiencing Respect for All week, I love it even more.


  2. Leo this is a great description of our version of Respect For All Week. Our school is very lucky to have you as a student and we really appreciate your contributions to the Swerve.


    1. Thank you, Mr. Feil! I love the school, the staff, all the teachers and adults, like you, that make the school such an inviting community. After experiencing Respect for All, I loved the concept even more.


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