3 Poems By Brian Z., 805

Fine Line by Brian Zhang 805

Dead Coral
Resting beneath a lake of tears
Drained of Life
Robbed of beauty
And Barricaded of Opportunity

Graceful Birds
Flying far above civilization
Free of Burdens
Unimpeded of Sorrow
And shielded of depression

Innocent humanity
Walking a fine line between love and hate
Jogging a fine line between liberty and confinement
And Living a fine line between the past and the future


Good Morning, America by Brian Zhang 805

Hail to the puffy, white clouds from up high
And blessings to a smiling, rosy Father Sun

After all, the children have awakened
They have exited their houses and come to play outside
In the fresh air, below a beautiful rainbow
They have shouted Good Morning, America
In a country where they will always feel cherished and loved

Scampering up and down the city streets
Boys wearing simply shirts, girls dancing in bright dresses

Uncle Bob, they yell, give us some fresh apples
And so he does, chuckling as they run along
The war had ended, the children have become children
And the world has become what it once was, he thought
He shouts Good Morning, America
In a country where he lives up to his personal dreams

Salute to the American flag
And welcome to a new year
Hopes of twenty seventy
Floating in mid-air
We shout Good morning, America
In a country where peace and happiness always last

A Graphing Calculator by Brian Zhang

Don’t call me a rectangle with punch keys
for I am certainly more than just a mere piece of cheese
After all, taking the regents ain’t a soft breeze
But it just happens that that is my sole expertise

Multiply those numbers, one by one
Then engross yourself in all this mathematical fun
What’s even more,
There are so many buttons to explore
Just press alpha, for example,
and type out the word apple!

I’m often confused with my scientific friend
But believe me, we’re not the same!
Now, if you’re gonna ask me if we once dated,
I’mma send you off to play the SYNTAX error game

Oh, one more thing
I eat really fast
and doze off whenever the mood strikes me
So bring some electrical snacks with you
If you want me running along!

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