Insecure and Stress by Michelle M., 707

This piece is called insecure and my inspiration was myself and my insecurities. I used art crayons and art markers to create it.



This is a drawing I created using regular markers and water. it is called over thinking and stress of my fellow peers was what inspired me to draw it.
The meaning behind this is that when you overthink, you just get even more confused.


3 Replies to “Insecure and Stress by Michelle M., 707”

  1. Michelle, I love the way you express your feelings through art. There are definitely times when over thinking things can get you more confused. Please send more art to the Swerve!

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  2. Nice! Even though I never thought you enjoyed art. Oh well over all the artwork is excellent! So you just used water on markers to create the smudged part in “OverThinking”?

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