“Peace on Earth” by Tyler L., 801

“Peace on Earth”

Let there be peace on Earth

Where there is equality starting from every birth

There is no black or white

In God’s eyesite

God’s children are good but misguided

But they could all change and they’ll be united

From the poorest peasant

To the richest king

We cannot beat this sin without a fight

And I see the future which shines so bright

Courage is a word that is thrown around

But true courage is something that must be found

It’s not a man with a gun in his hand

But it’s knowing you lost but you still take a stand

You lose some and you win some

But it doesn’t mean you should succumb

Climb into a person’s skin and walk around in it

Action is a character so don’t be hypocrites

Think like them

And you might pull out a hidden gem(Jem)

This is a place of rebirth

So let there be peace on Earth

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