Bursting Bubble by Eden G., 803


Bursting Bubble


It is said it is a sin to kill a mockingbird

The unsung song of a people, never heard

But we cannot find scapegoats, and try to pin the blame

For we know in reality, that “our hearts must change”


In the past we’ve been told that all lives matter

But we sit idly and watch our people become fatter

We must not let tyrannical leaders take rule

And watch as our people are used as tools


We the people know we must be true to one another
I know there is mounds of social strength we have to muster

But if we let ourselves become trapped in a bubble

When our bubble bursts we will be left in the rubble


I think we all know what we now have to do

Remember our pasts, but persevere, and start anew

If we are going to rebuild, and make our country great again,

WE must step outside our shoes, and walk in someone else’s skin

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