The Swerve Workshop meets on Mondays in room 505 from 2:20 to 3:10


Ooh flowers, can’t wait for them to die!
The sight of you makes me want to cry,
Staying with you, I wonder why?
Crappy valentine, what should I buy?

Maybe I should buy you a dead rat.
Maybe I should adopt you a little brat.
I hope your money gets stolen from an aristocrat.
I hope you get mugged by an acrobat.

This is a song for my crappy valentine,
You make want to regurgitate all the time!
I eat so much food it’s almost a crime,
But you make me want to step on a landmine
You make me want to consume all my wine!
Oh why, crappy valentine?!?!?

I hate how you spit when you talk.
I hate how loud you snore.
I hate how you’re a social road block.
I hate you, you god dang herbivore.