The little bird that roams freely

With his wings soaring high

Suddenly sees something in the corner of his eye

A silver creature sailing in the air is making his mark

For a second, time stops

As the little bird soon drops.


The little bird that roamed freely

Lays on the ground as he belches out a sound

From a distance I hear his cry,

I shake in fear knowing that he will soon die

As his blood rain

I’m not sure why but I’m left with his pain


As I roam through these same skies,

Fear glisters in my eyes,

The monster is a lunatic

That kills my fellow birds with just a click,

This is something that I cannot hide

As I realize the monster that fires is worldwide


The little bird that roamed freely

Shouldn’t have died or cried

He should have lived with pride

As I roam through the same skies,

I think about the monster that left me with this pain

And how he is the one to blame

For what he did was inhumaneCapture 1