The Villager Who Cried “TIGER!” by Oscar E., 806

In a village in India, there lived a very successful villager. He was so successful

that lots of men from another village were jealous and hated him despite the fact

that he was nice and generous to them. This guy was so kind-hearted that he

saved a tiger from a hunter’s trap lately and was able to make friends with it.

All the men from the other village came to kill the villager in order to take his

money. Luckily, the villager survived. But this made him very angry. “It’s like they

are biting the hand that fed them!” he said, thinking about all the money he

shared with them. He then thought of a very wonderful plan. He knew how his

enemy villagers were afraid of tigers. He decided to pretend that the enemy

village was under a tiger attack and cause a panic.

The next day, the enemy village was very active. Suddenly, the villager came out


The other people screamed and cowered into a ball of fear. Some screamed so

loud that they became bald. They all panicked leaving the villager laughing so

hard. “There’s no tiger! You fell for it!” laughed the villager. After that, the villager

thought that maybe they would fall for it a second time.

The day after that, the guy came out with some torn up pants and shirt and yelled

out, “TIGER! TIGER! TIGER, TIGER, TIGER!” The enemy villagers thought this time

it had to be real. This caused another panic. They screamed and ran for their lives.

Some even admitted that they became cowards. The vengeful villager came out

laughing again. “YOU EVIL MAN! HOW DARE YOU SCARE US LIKE THAT?!!” yelled

an enemy villager. Soon every enemy villager was mad. They did not even care if

they harassed the villager not too long ago.

The next few days, the villager came and encountered a REAL tiger. That tiger

was the same tiger that he rescued. It was heading right for the enemy village.

The villager did not want the tiger to cause so much destruction so he cried

“tiger” once again. “REAL TIGER! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!” he yelled. All the enemy

villagers thought that it was another of the villager’s dangerous tricks. The villager

kept on yelling. Then the tiger charged into the village and ATE one of the enemy

villagers alive! All the enemy soldiers got scared and ran away as fast as they

could. But all that running made the ravenous cat’s killer instincts kick in. Then

the enemy villagers were never seen again.

Moral of the story: Never be mean to someone who was nice to you. Otherwise

they would give you lots more trouble in return.

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