10 Songs Everyone Has Heard Of, But Don’t Know The Name To by Emma C., 602

10. Chariots Of Fire

This song may be used in those “Slow Motion” videos–for instance–someone jumping really far from one place to another in a very slow speed.
9. Mexican Hat Dance
Very few people may know this song–it’s that song that keeps bugging into people’s heads all the time.
8. Foggy Mountain Breakdown
I can’t clearly explain where you could hear this song, but it mostly consists with a banjo and a country-style background.
7. Sabre Dance
a) Spinning plates on a stick
b) Throwing knives on a spinning wheel
6. Gran Vals
You may not notice it at first, but at the 12 second mark, you will hear something that will make you realize it sounds like a very familiar ringtone. (Nokia) 😀
5. Benny Hill Theme
This song that might remind you of chickens and troll videos from a few years ago.
4. Forearm Shiver
a) NFL fans
b) Spongebob with Mermaid-man and Barnacle-Boy
3. The Entertainer
Remember those old black-and-white Mickey Mouse films? How about that one song that plays in a silent cartoon during a bar fight?
2. Entry of the Gladiators
Now known as the “Circus-Song”
 1. O Fortuna
It may sound like some kind of “war” song.

3 Replies to “10 Songs Everyone Has Heard Of, But Don’t Know The Name To by Emma C., 602”

  1. I think I’ve seen some scenes where someone’s getting chased by someone with a bat, for example, at like 4x speed, and then both characters exit the screen and when they appear again, the roles are switched. The guy getting chased has the bat and vice versa, and it’s all to the Benny Hill theme. Gotta say that’s my favorite one on the list


  2. *Clap Clap Clap* Not many people actually know these songs but I know 6 of them. O Fortuna is actually based on the wheel of fortune and is composed by Carl Orff, and is also Known as Carmina Burana. I know this because in my elementary school we had a program where we learned classical music and memorized the songs, I’m pretty sure O fortuna starts something like O Fortuna, Valet Luna, statu variabils, stemper crisicis, aut decrisicis. And the words have something to do with the moon?

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