10. Chariots Of Fire

This song may be used in those “Slow Motion” videos–for instance–someone jumping really far from one place to another in a very slow speed.
9. Mexican Hat Dance
Very few people may know this song–it’s that song that keeps bugging into people’s heads all the time.
8. Foggy Mountain Breakdown
I can’t clearly explain where you could hear this song, but it mostly consists with a banjo and a country-style background.
7. Sabre Dance
a) Spinning plates on a stick
b) Throwing knives on a spinning wheel
6. Gran Vals
You may not notice it at first, but at the 12 second mark, you will hear something that will make you realize it sounds like a very familiar ringtone. (Nokia) 😀
5. Benny Hill Theme
This song that might remind you of chickens and troll videos from a few years ago.
4. Forearm Shiver
a) NFL fans
b) Spongebob with Mermaid-man and Barnacle-Boy
3. The Entertainer
Remember those old black-and-white Mickey Mouse films? How about that one song that plays in a silent cartoon during a bar fight?
2. Entry of the Gladiators
Now known as the “Circus-Song”
 1. O Fortuna
It may sound like some kind of “war” song.