Slices of Life by Orla M., 811

I have recently worked on a project for the yearbook, called “Slices of Life.” This project involved drawing interesting things I had seen within the school. Here they are along with some descriptions for them.


As I’m sure most people who go to I.S 187 have noticed, when the weather is nice and we are all gathered outside waiting to be allowed into the school building in the morning, most – if not all – of the basketball courts are being used. My friends and I would often be forced to stand very close to two of the courts, so occasionally we would watch the games and dodge or deflect any rouge basketballs that came our way.


Spongebob Trashcan

While putting up posters for The Swerve after school one day, my friend and I came across this trashcan outside of the art room on the fourth floor. I’m not exactly sure which janitor uses this trashcan, but my friend and I thought it was very interesting to see.



I am very aware that many people in the school are big fans of the K-pop group, EXO, so I wanted to draw something to show that. One day a girl in my class wore an EXO cap to school, so I thought that was the perfect opportunity to capture the love for that band.


Christmas Savarese

Rather than wearing a festive hat or sweater, on the day before holiday break, Mr. Savarese decided to wear a t-shirt that read “#bae” with LED lights strung around his torso. There’s nothing wrong with this of course, but I thought it would be an interesting thing to draw.



There’s not much to say about this piece. It’s a silver colored, cardboard star taped onto the door window of a storage room in the cafeteria with the name Ralph scribbled onto it with a black marker. I’m very curious as to why this is a thing, so I decided to draw it for the yearbook. That’s the only logical approach, wouldn’t you agree?



One of the major trends this school year was making slime at home and then… squishing it a bunch until it hardened, I suppose. I understand the interest in it, but I never personally had the urge to take part in it myself. Considering how popular slime has become, I thought it would be something people would like to see as a drawing.

2 Replies to “Slices of Life by Orla M., 811”

  1. Thank you so much for this, I’ve been waiting for more pieces of school life on the Swerve. You picked some really interesting slices to share with us. I don’t remember Ralph ever being there, did it appear just this school year?

    Keep going : )


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