Why Self-Help Hasn’t Helped And How To Really Help Yourself by Kevin Z. 707

Well first of all, what is Self-Help? Self-Help as the name suggests is the practice in which one tries to improve him or herself. Self-Help hasn’t helped for a majority of reasons. One, we’re human, we can’t really control our nature. Two, Self-Help is really just a myth that ancient people, most likely the Egyptians made up. The ancient Egyptians actually had a genre called “Sebayt”, AKA instructional teachings and now known as “Self-Help”. Self-Help is hopelessly inaccurate. For example, one of the teachings in modern “Self-Help” books, tell you that letting out and venting your anger is good for you. Well true research and logic has proven that this is false. How do you think that throwing your anger at your friends or yourself will ever help you move forward? (This is actually really harmful to yourself and your friends. Please Do Not Do This To Your Friends Or You Are A Really Bad Friend.)

Some other examples of false self-help is that you should try your hardest and never give up. Even though this sometimes succeeds, it is not always the best path to go. Instead, take another view of the issue and try a different way of handling it.

You know how your parents always urge you to get number one in your class? Well sometimes it is just not possible, you know that your knowledge won’t surpass that of your classmates. So instead of slacking off, you go for second, third, or sixth best. Trying your hardest doesn’t always guarantee that you become the best. Almost the whole population of humans try their best, but how much of them actually become famous, or geniuses? Probably one in a million people are blessed with this ability. Another Self-Help based on “scientism” is to try to discover your personal power. Most people are normal, they don’t have a personal power, but what they do have is preferences. These preferences allow the common folk, us, to do what we want. It is more powerful than being blessed with an ability. So instead of trying to discover your personal power, it’s better if you discover what you are interested in and walk down that road.

My Suggestions For “Self-Help”

The true self-help is to face yourself. Really, look at yourself in the mirror, reflect upon what you do to others, how others treat you. Then you take that knowledge of your society, your community, and decide on what you need to do to improve, both yourself and your community.

* I used the Book, The Last Self Help Book You’ll Ever Need, as my main source. It is a fantastic book, and there are many more “scientisms” that are hidden in this book that I have not revealed to you in this report.

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