The Bottle’s Magnificence by Jeffery T., 806

Drinking something is what the human body needs to survive. It is an important aspect of life. Every living being on Earth currently needs some form of drink to survive. While some animals don’t drink water, they can ingest their food, or they’re absorbing the moisture from the food. Basically, drinking something is needed for survival.


We, as humans have advanced so far from our ancestors. Our ancestors a mere two hundred years ago didn’t have the luxury of exchanging currency or barter for water, and the type to be bottled. Could you imagine having a water bottle back then? Going through the trail and not having to stop next to the river and instead be able to drink from a water bottle when you want to? Not having the possibility of getting E.Coli or any bacterial infection and dying in a few weeks? The water bottle is a revolutionary product.


Now some of you may have been drinking water from water bottles for a long time and have been wondering, where did it come from? Did it just pop out of nowhere? What’s its history? Well, the first water bottle came from the Holy Well in the United Kingdom as early as 1622. The first water bottles were made out of wood, bark and leather. Bottled water was not popular until the 1700’s because it was thought to have calming and good powers; this led to it being in pharmacies until the 1900’s. In 1809, typhoid was a disease which the public was afraid of. Productions costs had also gotten cheaper. This led to water bottles being made more quickly and more cheaply and with more sales. In 1905, waterborne typhoid was killed by chlorine and the demand for water bottles decreased. In 1973, PET (polyethylene terephthalate), which is used to make plastic water bottles, is patented. This was a cheaper and better alternative to glass water bottles which had been the only type of water bottle in America at the time. In the 2000’s, there was a large debate about bottled and tap water. People were arguing over which is better than the other using facts like how water bottles aren’t individually checked and the fact that your toilet and tap water are from the same pipe, etc. Now, here we are today.


In conclusion, the water bottle is a revolutionary product. It has many qualities that give the water bottle a good reputation to the public. Heck, there was even a whole challenge based around it called the bottle flipping challenge! Another good quality about the water bottle is its ergonomic shape. Another thing is how sustainable it is. The water bottle we see today is a PET bottle which can be reused by washing it and has a long shelf life. This is why it’s used in emergency supplies like “Ready to Eat Meals” for the military which lasts for at least 2 years. They are also very useful in the Flint, Michigan crisis. Flint, Michigan is a town in which the water in the pipes have been flooded with lead and the water is undrinkable. Their only source of water is bottled water which has a long-lasting life before the plastic expires.

In the end, water bottles are revolutionary and are a modern miracle compared to past times.

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