Giraffes by Oscar E., 806 Class of 2016

Giraffes are the tallest land animals. They have extremely long necks. But surprisingly, they have 7 vertebrae in their necks just like people. They also have extremely long legs. The legs themselves are longer than most people. All these things make this African mammal the tallest animal on the planet.

These animals are very picky eaters. The purpose of that long neck is to allow them to reach the highest acacia leaves. Their saliva helps detoxify all the toxins in the leaves. Their purple tongues are also helpful for grabbing leaves. The tongue’s purple color keeps the animal cool. Because they are so tall, they have to bend down in order to drink.

The main predators of giraffes are lions. But giraffes have powerful hooves that give off a powerful kick. They can also run very fast to escape. Their heights give them an advantage of a wide view of the savannah, enabling them to spot predators easily. They are sometimes called the look-out towers of Africa because the sudden rush of a frightened giraffe can send off the sudden rush of nearby animals too.

When male giraffes spot a potential mate, they engage in a contest called necking. It is like arm-wrestling but with necks. Giraffes are peaceful animals so the winner would not chase off the loser. When the contest ends, the two males would rub muzzles as a way to say, “Good game.” Then they would rest together. And after the break is over, the winner leaves with his new mate.

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  1. Once you are brave enough to hang out with animals and do it, you will never get enough of them whether they have skin, fur, feathers, scales, long necks, etc.


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