“Celebrating Asian-Americans and Their Achievements” by Leo L., 701

May is Asian-American heritage month, so I wrote a poem dedicated to the achievements of Asian-Americans:

Centuries gone, centuries passed.
Asian Americans have amassed.
Shaping the US in different ways,
Their contributions are here to stay.
Dr. Feng Shan Ho, about 80 years ago,
Was an unknown World War II hero.
Jewish refugees had nowhere to go.
He saved their lives by giving them a home.
He issued Jewish visas to Shanghai,
Allowed thousands to escape and survive.
Even with his death in 1997,
His accomplishments will be remembered forever.
Dalip Singh Saund, in 1956,
Made political history when he got elected to Congress.
Anti-immigrants mindsets were blazing way back when,
So Saund fought discriminatory laws, fought for Indians.
In 1949, the right was finally obtained,
For Saund and other Indians to become citizens.
After serving 3 full terms, in the government,
We remember him for leading Asian American politics.
The transcontinental railroad, in 1963,
Was built with the help of immigrants coming from overseas.
Clearing different terrains for the railroad to be built,
The dangers were high and hundreds of men were ruthlessly killed.
Nevertheless, they were treated with discrimination.
Yet still working with passion and full of determination.
Thanks to the hard work of these Asian American men,
The feat of a transcontinental railroad  will be remembered again and again.
Chien-Shiung Wu, physicist with many names.
Thanks to “the Chinese Madame Curie”, physics will never be the same.
She worked on the Manhattan project, and the Wu experiment too,
Which disproved a common idea that people thought to be true.
“The Queen of Nuclear Research” has written Beta Decay.
A great reference for physicists, even until today.
Before her death in 1997, at the age of 84,
“The First Lady of Physics” gained awards and the respect of many more.
Mazie Hirono, paving the road for female political roles.
She also represents Asian-Americans in general, with her unique titles.
First to be elected into Senate, as a Japan-born Buddhist.
She fights for the rights of others as a civil rights activist.
Using her power, she acts out on others’ behalf,
Trying to push education and labor on a better path.
She lead consumer protection efforts, and fought for women’s rights.
Even in the present day, she’s promoting better lives.
Centuries gone, centuries passed.
Asian Americans have amassed.
Shaping the US in different ways,
Their contributions are here to stay.

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