Swerve Nerve Advice #1(Procrastination)

How could you fix my habit of procrastination?

Same, man ;~; . This is a very common issue among many students, and it is something that can eventually be solved with E F F O R T. We know E F F O R T is very difficult to pull off, but we believe in you. If you follow these steps you will overcome the evil that is procrastination. One common cause of procrastination is distractions and poor time management. The best thing to do is – and we know this will be hard – give up your phone and other electronics. Try giving someone else your electronics (such as your phone) so they can hide them from you. Another way to get rid of distractions is by using things like Google extensions to protect you from the temptress that is social media. FYI it would be a good idea to stay away from video games and yeah.

Another cause of procrastination is bad time management. We are given planners in the beginning of the school year, might as well use them STOP WASTING TREES. Write down all your homework in your planner, including those that aren’t due the next day. For those assignments, write them in your planner everyday until they are due. Make sure to check your planner everyday, so you won’t forget anything. Everyday you should figure out the order in which you want to do your homework, whether it’s hardest to easiest because you’re slow or most to least important if you’re really s l o w.

Good luck, you got this, team.

tl;dr this article: Get rid of distractions, use and look at your planner everyday, and do homework in an order you feel you will be able to do (^0^)

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