Tips n’ Tricks for Board/Card Games- Monopoly by Roy W., 707

 Tips n’ Tricks for Board/Card Games


Before you read:

– The information that I will provide does not have to be used. Your choice

if you plan to use them

– I will cover some more popular board/card games in other posts (It will

take forever if I do it all at once)

-This post is quite long. If you have no patience or time, back away and read it another time

– Finally, do not use these strategies against me. (Please)


You run around the board buying property, so they earn you money. Hopefully

that will make you rich and make everyone bankrupt because they land on

your properties

Tip 1-





If you have a monopoly, it is best not to take it apart. Like really, a monopoly

can be useful afterwards in late game when you have hotels everywhere

EX- Brown Monopoly (Pretty Bad Right? Not really). You can build houses and

even hotels and by the time your Brown Monopoly is about the same price as

the Boardwalk (Pretty Good Right? Not really), it probably have a higher rent

value. Plus, Boardwalk is the property that has the lowest heat value (How

often someone lands on the property). And think about it. If you have both Park

Place and Boardwalk, if no one lands on it, it is a total waste of money!

So… Even if one lands on a Dark Blue Property once (if it even happens that is)

with a hotel, you are not getting any profit while 1 land on Brown Property with

a hotel (more likely) would be much smarter as 99.8%(don’t quote me on that),

they have passed go, so you are practically draining away their Pass Go funds.

Plus, if neither properties are landed on, then the Dark Blue Properties would

cost you more as it is more expensive.

If you are still persistent about having Dark Blue Properties by tearing apart

monopolies, go right ahead. Personally, I believe the Dark Blue Properties are

trading assets for when your opponent has the other Dark Blue Property or

trade for a different monopoly (very rare chance of occurring).


Tip 2-

Railroads and Orange Property are most likely going to make you filthy rich.


Orange Properties are the most landed space when someone lands in jail. And

jail is the most landed space on the board. What does that make? The orange

property is the most landed property on the whole entire board (most ;landed

space is actually jail). Build hotels and you are rich. Watch as your opponents

go to jail and land on your orange properties. You WILL laugh hysterically.

Railroads is a money rack as people draw cards and land in railroads. And what

is even more funny is that if your opponent is currently on your railroad and

rolls a 10, they will have to pay again on another railroad that you may own



Tip 3-

Light Blue, Red, and Yellow Property are back-up plans. Very good ones as well


In case your opponent(s) already snatched up Orange and Railroads, these are

properties that are quite effective and can boost you up and possibly allow you

to win. All 3 have a decent payouts when you have hotels (Around $1,000).

There are all advantages to each of the 3 properties. Light Blue earns you $950

when landed once when you only pay a total of $1,070 (Property price and

Hotels included. No tax). Red Property is the second most landed property on

the board and Yellow Property is the property that pays the most.


My Tier List of All the Properties

1. Orange

2. Railroads

3. Light Blue

4. Red

5. Pink/Yellow/Green

6. Brown

7. Dark Blue

8. Companies


Small Tips-

-Dont be that person who decides to make the unfair trades with other people.

The other players would most likely gang up on you.

-Don’t say you don’t want something to happen. It would 75% chance it will

happen. It is like karma but not really.

-Jail can be a great place and a bad place. Early on, if you want an orange

property and come out with doubles, you would most likely land on doubles.

On the other hand, in late game, if you come out in doubles and you land in

your opponent’s orange property, you lost a lot of money. Jail can also be your

lifesaver in late game as by then, all properties are already bought, so staying in

Jail can save you from having to pay your opponents

-Build 3 houses so you can hoard most houses so others can’t be build houses

and 3 houses is usually the point where properties give you a decent profit

-This only works when there is only 1 opponent and you bidding on property.

Just bid $1 higher than what he/she holds. This would either allow you to pay

less than the original value or make your opponent mortgage their property.

Discussion about The Worst Property (In My Opinion):

So in my tier list, I stated that the Dark Blue and Companies are the worst 2

companies. I put Dark Blue ahead of the Companies because it is highly

unlikely that the Companies would give you profit as you need your opponents

to land on the Companies rolling 12 twice and a roll higher than a 6 ($10) if the

Companies was landed on with the least amount of landings. That is a very low

chance of happening and along with that, there is not a great amount of profit

back, only $10. So, in those terms, it is totally not worth it.

Some Great Data To Have!

Reference to Heat Map-


Profit Return Table-


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  1. Well not to be mean, but you left out green properties. Green Properties like yellow and pink ones are pretty substantial and useful throughout the game.


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