It’s Raining Animal Facts! Kangaroos by Oscar E., 806 class of 2016


One of Australia’s most famous residents, kangaroos, are the largest living marsupials in the world. Marsupials are mammals who carry their babies in their pouches. Baby kangaroos are called joeys. When baby kangaroos are first born, they are small and helpless. When they are eight months old, they don’t need to stay in their mom’s pouch anymore.

Like frogs, kangaroos get around by hopping. They have very strong hind legs. They are perfect for jumping up to 6 feet high. While jumping, the animal’s long tail helps keep balance. They can leap at speeds of 35 miles per hour. This enables kangaroos to escape from their main enemies- dingoes.

Kangaroos are usually peaceful animals that eat grass. But, when 2 male kangaroos spot a potential mate, they would engage in a contest called kickboxing. They kick of a kangaroo is so powerful that is can cause a serious stomach ache and break a human’s ribs. The two males will kick each other until one of them surrenders.



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