Be Careful Who You Trust. You Won’t Regret It by Bella S., 611

Natalie was in her math class, school was almost over. “3 to the power of 2 is …,” her math teacher Ms. Java said. Then the bell rang, “Whoo!” her class yelled, as they scurried down the stairs. Out of the classroom, down the stairs, and out of the school she and her friends went. They all had huge smiles on their faces. She lived a few blocks away from her school, I.S.187. She had a babysitter named Savannah, who was a single 38 year old lady, with a dark, gloomy house at the end of Diner Road. Natalie lived on Syrup Street, a block away from there. Natalie had a dog, he has white and looked like a fluffy cloud, that’s why she called him Fluffy.

Fluffy came up to Natalie as he always came to her every day when school was out. He would wait in the garbage dump with his friend Stacy, who was a dog as well. Her friend was a stray dog, Natalie and Fluffy were good friends with her. Natalie always fed Fluffy’s friend with some of Fluffy’s food. But Natalie wished to take Stacy, Fluffy’s friend, home. However, her parents gave no second thoughts about this idea, “One dog was enough of their money.”

Natalie and Fluffy waited for Savannah to pick them up. Savannah came over with her gray car wearing her regular punk outfit, and her ugly black nails. “I went to the ‘Chipped Nails Salon’ and got my nails done ya like em? ‘Course ya do, because it’s you know, beautiful!” They were as black as her heart, but Natalie had no idea. “Yeah, they are pretty nice, uh…, yeah, they are I guess….um, yeah…” Natalie said awkwardly. Then she hopped into the car as Savannah gave a secret eye roll  and fist to natalie that only Fluffy saw as Natalie was distracted by her phone. “Time to go to CC Jitters!” Savannah said excitedly, as she licked her lips. “Yay!” Natalie said “I LOVE CC Jitters! Their tea is amazing! Thank you Savannah!” “No problem” Savannah replied. ”None at all” she whispered with a smirk and a quiet laugh, but only Fluffy heard it, because Natalie was watching a satisfying slime video. During the red light Savannah searched through her bag like she might have left something at home, which was really important. And Fluffy saw her take out a bottle of poison from her purse with a devious look on her face.

They made it to CC Jitters and Natalie was very excited. She would go their once a month. But it was her favorite place, so she was thankful of the times she went there. She loved it when her babysitter acted nice to her. She had been through a lot of babysitters even though it was always them never her. She had Savannah for a couple days and Natalie liked her as a babysitter. Savannah went over to the counter to order a tea and a coffee. “Ok while the tea cools down I think Fluffy needed a walk ever since school was out. I will walk him down the block.” Natalie chirped. “Ok,” Savannah replied. While Natalie walked Fluffy, Savannah took out her poisonous liquid and dropped a few drops in. Meanwhile in front of CC Jitters, a man was selling newspapers and Fluffy noticed that Savannah was putting the poison in her tea! Fluffy started barking at Natalie, but she thought he was just playing around.

Natalie went back inside reading her News of Central City newspaper. She almost took a sip of her tea when Fluffy knocked the mug over shattering glass and spilling the tea on him! He dropped dead with his eyes closed, and mouth closed never to be heard from again. Tears stream down from Natalie’s face. But then she remembered what Fluffy was trying to tell her. She saw Savannah put a bottle of weird looking liquid that said POISON on the cap. Savannah has a fake frown on her face. Everything’s coming together now. Savannah killed Fluffy as he was trying to save Natalie and she had no idea the whole time. Natalie pretends she didn’t know what happened and she calls her parents.

Natalie’s mother comes from work and they sit to have a talk while Savannah drives home. Natalie tells her mom everything about Savannah and Fluffy and her mom believes her and they fire Savannah. “ I have a new babysitter that i can hire for you tomorrow.”, says Savannah’s mom.

The next day Natalie’s doorbell rang. “Hello my name is Antonio”, a tall man with black hair states” Would you like a powdered gummy bear?”

“Sure! Why not!” Natalie says.


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