Halloween Contest Short Story by Trinnity Y., 810

Sighing, I fell face first onto my bed. I glanced at my right wrist the doomful day of when i was going to die was printed there. 10.31.17, in plain times new roman font. I wasn’t ready to leave the world.

“Wilston! Come downstairs, the cake is here!” Aya shouted, knocking on my door. I let groaned and grudging went to open the door. There stood Aya with her beaming smile and amber eyes.

She was dressed in a tattered black rag and with her flowing brown hair, she looked like a runaway princess. “Come on!” Aya exclaimed as she took my arm and dragged me down the stairs. Trying not to trip over the jackets and sweaters piled on the staircase, I looked around and saw numerous amounts of people dressed in Halloween costumes. Ironic, because I’m going to die before Halloween.

“The party boy is here!” Aya hollered. I was met with cat eyes, demon eyes, and who knows what else. Shouts of wooo and yas kween came from the crowd as I made my way to the table.

The cake was an orange fruit cake, decorated with green and orange fruits on top. There was also a green ribbon around it and the middle had the message of,” We all love you!!” I forced a smile and thanked the people who came to my pre-passing party. “And here’s the part you’ve all been waiting for, cake time!” I said, cutting the cake.

The next couple of hours involved people telling me their favorite moments with me and me just nodding and pretending I know what they’re talking about.

It was 11:34pm, everyone left, leaving me alone in my room. I took a shaky breath and decided that maybe I should just accept my fate. Afterall, I can’t stop death can I?

I slowly closed my eyes and after about 5 minutes, I felt myself drifting to sleep. Drifting to my death.

Turning to my right side, I opened my eyes and rapidly blinked. It was so bright, where am I? As my eyes adjusted to the lighting, I scanned my surroundings. There were light blue walls and I was in something similar to a hospital bed. I tried to push myself up and felt a sharp pain burrowing itself into my arms. I collapsed and it turned out, my arms had numerous wires stuck into it. My eyes followed the wire and I was hooked onto many machines. At this point, my mind raced with many questions. What happened? Where am I? Didn’t I die? I looked at my wrist and it still said 10.31.17. What?

Suddenly, a tall man with a lab coat holding a binder opened my door. He smiled and said, “Welcome back.”

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