Voodoo, Marjona B., 611

A boy named Roger was being picked up by his babysitter when he saw a doll in the middle of the street. Roger picked up the doll and he was surprised that the doll looked exactly like him. He took the doll home thinking that it was a gift just for him. When he went home his mom noticed the doll. “ Hi honey, how was school today?” She asked. “It was great!” he replied. “Where did you get that doll?” She asked.  Roger paused, he knew his mom wouldn’t let him keep the doll if she knew he found it on the streets. “Umm… My friend gave it to me” he lied.  

Roger started to get obsessed with the doll: he would take it to to school everyday, bring it to the dinner table, he even named the doll, Henry.  The mom didn’t like the doll, she thought that it was creepy.  She hated when Roger brought the doll everywhere with him. One morning Roger was getting ready to go to school. When he was putting Henry in his book bag his mom walked into the room and couldn’t take it anymore “That’s it you can’t take him to school anymore!’’ She yelled. Roger got so mad that he stomped outside and patiently waited for his babysitter to take him to school.  When he got to school that day he opened his book bag and was shocked at what he was seeing, “Henry! What are doing in here? Didn’t mom take you out?’’ When he got home he got in trouble again, “ I thought I told you to leave him here!!!” His mom yelled. Roger froze … “ Wait you didn’t put him there” he asked… “ Of course I didn’t” mom answered.

A few weeks passed and it was almost Rogers birthday, all he asked for was an outfit for himself …. And Henry, that looked exactly the same.  Well his wish came true and now Henry and Roger were inseparable, and they looked exactly the same.  One thing that Roger and his mother didn’t know is that the doll was getting bigger and taller its green eyes turned brown just like Roger’s eyes.  The dolls strings were coming out and it looked more realistic. So many changes were happening but Roger and his mom weren’t aware of it because it was happening  so slow. “Oh it’s just worn out. It’s just stretched. It was like that,” Roger would say when he noticed the changes.

One night it was 12:00 am when mom heard a yell from Rogers room. She came running to his room , when she got there Roger was laying on his bed.  “Mommy can you check under my bed for monsters, I’m scared”. But mom wasn’t concerned about under his bed she was concerned of Roger’s face, it had strings hanging from it. His eyes had a X through them just like his doll. Rogers mom slowly bend down she crouched and looked under the bed… When she did she saw Roger again but he looked more normal. “Mommy there’s someone on my bed!” The Shadow whispered… The mom stood up , when she did she saw the doll on the bed.. holding a knife. “ It’s been a pleasure…….mom”


                                                                                                            -TO BE CONTINUED

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