Blindness by Min Z., 605

“Hello?” Elise took a glance at an empty plot of land. “A landfill, perhaps?” Elise wondered why she couldn’t take her eyes off of it. Elise tried to turn away. No matter how much she struggled, nothing happened. “I’m stuck,”Elise said warily. Elise grunted. The streets were empty, except for herself. Elise tugged on her leg, but then she realized that she was tugging air. Her hands were frozen in place, but she just knew that was touching her leg. She could feel it, the structure of her bones, the was her leg…or was it? She moved her hands around. She placed them on her cheeks. “I’m definitely moving!” She tried to lift her leg, but it felt like a thousand-pound barbell. Elise struggled. She reached down and attempted to lift her leg. It simply wouldn’t budge.

“Am I even moving?” She flung her arms around. She could feel the movement, but she couldn’t see it. She nodded. Yet again, she could feel the movement, but she couldn’t see it. She pinched herself and it really hurt! She just couldn’t see herself pinching herself. Finally, a boy from her school named Mike came. “Hello Elise. Why are you flinging your arms like that?” “I’m moving?” Elise questioned. “Yes,” Mike replied. “And you look like an idiot.” Elise stopped flinging her arms and realized that she could see herself move! Elise said, “Bye Mike!” Elise headed off. Mike went in the other direction. Elise managed to make it home without another problem.

Elise was scared. “I don’t want to go back to school. Ever.” Elise blinked and everything became blurry. She blinked again. A flurry of white settled onto her eyes. She blinked once more. She couldn’t see. “This is just like the empty lot,” Elise mumbled. She flung her arms around. She could feel it, but the white cloud in front of her eyes prevented her from seeing it. “The lot..I have to go back to the lot!” Elise tried to get out of the house, but she kept crashing into walls. “Let me OUT!!!!” The wall seemed to disappear. She ran out. She seemed to know where to go. She arrived at the lot in seconds. Nothing happened. “What?”

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