Queen of Music by Min Z., 605

   The fate is approaching. Beware. Never fall asleep during the day. The dangers come closer and closer. Stay away from the one you call “Queen of Music.”

    Angel giggled right along with Melody. Melody had just told her about the newest albums in music. Angel had laughed the most when Melody mentioned the worst albums in pop. Angel said,”Can we talk about K-pop?” Melody asked,”Do you want to talk about BTS or Big Bang?” “Both,”Angel replied.

    Angel thought that Melody knew just about everything that had to do with music. “I now crown you the Queen of  Music!”Angel smiled. Melody laughed. Melody said,”Queen of Music, you said? You want to talk about Jimin of BTS?” “Sure,”Angel replied. Angel and Melody continued their conversation about newest hits of K-pop.

    Angel didn’t know that she had to stay away from Melody. Angel felt like she had a special bond with Melody. Melody didn’t have special bonds with anybody. Angel and Melody said their goodbyes and continued on their own paths.

    “Mom! Me and Melody had great fun today!”Angel’s mom said,”Okay darling. Do you want to see Melody again?” “Yes, please!”Angel replied. Angel ran upstairs and flopped onto her bed. Angel daydreamed about tomorrow. She just knew that she and Melody were going to have the best time ever! I just know..I just know..I just know..I just know..I just know..I just know…

    Melody sharpened her claws on a nail file. Melody let out the best huff she could without out causing a demonic devastation. “An unsuspecting girl…just what I needed,”Melody mumbled as she sharpened her claws.

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