Lil’ Mischievous Witch by Min Z., 605

Alis turned her head 60 degrees East. Alis saw a white wall. Alis stared silently at a window. Alis was a little bit scared. “Hello,” Alis murmured as she leaned out of the window. The girl standing there smiled and waved cheerfully. The girl yelled, “Alis! Hi! Can you come down?” “Sure,” Alis replied.

    Alis trotted down the stairs. The girl hugged Alis. “Alis, I haven’t seen you in forever!”

    This girl was Alis’ old friend from 5th grade. Alis looked nervous and happy at the same time. This girl was Sanji Lee. Sanji skipped several grades , so she was in high school, now. Sanji was 11, just like Alis.

    Sanji strolled casually into Alis’ backyard. “Wait for a second,” Sanji mumbled. In Alis’ backyard, Sanji took out a little vial of clear liquid. Sanji poured the liquid into a plastic cup. She pulled out a bottle of yellow food coloring. Sanji put 8 drops into the liquid and strolled out of Alis’ backyard.

    “Alis! I made some lemonade for you,” Sanji exclaimed. Alis put the cup to her mouth. Sanji hoped that Alis would think that it was real lemonade, because Alis need to drink at least 1/4th of the liquid for the spell to go into effect.

    Alis drank a small sip of the liquid. Nothing happened. Alis guzzled some more. Alis dropped the cup. Sanji looked at Alis carefully. “Bye bye, Alis!”


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