The Stranger by Suzan K., 610

Splash! Swish!

The water in the bathtub was getting higher and higher. Steam was flying all over the bathroom and hallway. I rub some soap on myself. A fly buzzed in from the opened bathroom door.


“What the what is that?” I whisper to myself. I put on my bathrobe, taking the pocketknife in the cabinet on the 4th row out. I get out of the bathroom slowly, seeing footprints, probably size 11.

I walk into the living room slowly, my hands trembling from nervousness and coldness. The windows were all open.

“That’s it! The windows were open, that’s how I heard that strange noise!” I exclaimed silently. I closed all the windows with shaking hands.

Flick! Flick! Flick!

The lights in the bathroom turned on and off repeatedly. When I get to the bathroom, I hear my bedroom floor getting hit. As soon as I get near my bedroom door, I can see all of my clothes getting thrown everywhere. The drawers kept opening and closing.

“Stop, STOP, STOP!”

I grabbed my new I-Phone and dialed 911. As soon as I pressed the call button, my phone fell into a bowl of water that was never there.

I saw a black figure run across the room and go out of the bedroom and straight into the living room. I followed.

As soon as I got in, I saw the TV and the coffee table’s glass shattered. I then saw a hammer on the long couch.

I ran to the kitchen to get my dad’s chef knife. My heart was out of breath but I didn’t have another choice.

Out of nowhere, the black figure I saw earlier came out from above. It grabbed my neck and held a machete to my stomach. It took me to the front door.

“Amy? Are you there?” Mom and dad were home.

“Mom, can you open the door yourself. This is something I can’t get out of.” I said.

“She’s probably doing her homework. Don’t worry.” Dad said.

Mom and dad came in. “How was your day, Amy? I have some good news and bad news. Which one would you like to hear first?” Mom asked.

Dad was on the phone with his boss probably. “Yes, yes. I know.” There was a long pause. “Really! You’re giving me a-“.

My mom stopped him. He looked to my mom. He saw my mom was looking at me.

“Joe, I’m going to have to call you back.” He hung up.

I closed my eyes. I knew what was going to happen. I was going to die. I AM TOO YOUNG TOO DIE!

“Want her? Give me $258,946 right now! Either she dies or you give me your money!”

I didn’t care anymore. Everyone was gonna die once. But, I still felt pain.

A tear dropped. It fell into my bathrobe pocket. I looked in their slowly, noticing my pocketknife.

I slowly took it out and stabbed the black figure in its stomach. The black figure fell flat onto its face.

My mom and dad ran to me. They hugged and kissed me. I did the same.

I then pushed away after like three minutes and went to see who the black figure was.

I slowly took off the ninja mask the black figure was wearing.

A girl around 19 years old. She was the one who wanted $258,946 from my parents. She is the one I was terrified of. She was the one who was following me. But, why? I will never know.

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