Sharks by Trinnity Y., 810


What if sharks swam in the forest and you manage to find yourself in the woods?


-Voice memos-


I knew it was a bad idea. “Just go in the woods, 5 minutes and you can come back!” It was a stupid dare and I was stupid enough to actually do it. What was I trying to prove? The wind is so strong here, the trees look like those car washer balloons!

It was past 5 minutes. Much more than that actually. There’s a phrase they always say, “The woods are endless.” And I can say that from my current situation, it is. I originally planned to just walk in a straight direction for about 2 minutes, then walk back in the same direction. Easy right? But you see, the woods are endless and everywhere and everything looks the same.

Luckily, I didn’t encounter any sharks yet. And I hope not to encounter them anytime soon. I wonder when I’m going to get out of this. Wait. Nevermind, I’m probably going to get eaten.

Why am I recording my voice on this? It’s not like anyone will go into the woods and try to even find me. No one ever goes into the woods. It’s night and I’m still walking, still alive.

Is it weird that I see a light? Like, are there people like me? Stranded, alone, stuck in this never-ending patch of woods? What if they’re aggressive? Well, it’s not like I have anything to lose.

I’m following the light. SO interesting right? It’s not like I have anything else to do other than talk to a nonexistent person that’s like right next to me right. – Wait, what was that? Oh my god. Is that a – . There’s two – OH MY GOD – I’M GOING TO DIE- OH IT IS – I HAVE TO GO –

I – am out of – breath. I sprinted away from – the sharks. Looks like they come out at night huh. Well, I think I’m close to the light source so, coming back soon ?

Guys, it’s actually a door. Hahaha I’m talking to myself aren’t I. Well, this is suspicious. A door on the floor? Surprising. What’s not surprising is how much money you can save by switching to GEICO car insurance. Hahaa ha I’m so funny. Sigh. Should I even go through this door? Well, YOLO.

This is weird, it’s like a laboratory down here. There’s no one. Why would there be a lab in the middle of the woods? I don’t like the aura from this. It’s this feeling I have that I shouldn’t be here…

The only thing I found was this syringe with this blue liquid inside of it. It was the only thing on a desk. Yes. In this whole lab, there’s only ONE desk. Anyway, should I take it? This is a bad idea but, the whole reason of why I’m here doing this is because of a bad idea. – – – Sss, ah, ok, I took it. I feel the same I guess, just a bi – t woozy. Oh, I’m a bit di-zz y, I think I’m – – going – going to faint – – *thunk*




Subject number 68  has fainted. What should we do? There’s a machine thing Carl, I don’t know what it does but turn it off! … What? TURN IT OFF ———

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