Miss Perfect by Min Z., 605

Jane strolled down the hallway. Although it was 80 something degrees, she was still wearing a mink fur coat. The other girls in the hallway were staring at Jane. Jane just assumed that they were impressed. Jane’s friends surrounded her, acting like security guards. All of Jane’s friends were holding sharp sticks. They pointed them at anyone who went closer than 6 feet away from Jane.

“Miss Perfect. Yeah, she’s a bad one. Spoiled brat. Wish she was never born,” the crowd muttered.

“OMG! They are so RIGHT! I am Miss Perfect. I’m so much more better than all of you!” Jane shouted, ignoring all the hateful comments.

Jane’s best friend, Hannah, poked several girls who were totally innocent. An announcement came over the speaker. “Janilla Bow Starr and Hannah Green, please report to the principal’s office.”

“You aren’t Janilla. Stay out of this,” Hannah murmured.

“No. You know that I’m Janilla and I’m not leaving you,” Jane replied.

    Together, they headed up the staircase. Jane knocked on the door; the door opened. Mr. Grouchy was waiting inside. “Welcome girls. I need to speak to Janilla first.” Jane and Mr. Grouchy went inside Mr. Grouchy’s office. “Janilla, I heard that you and Hannah are hurting and devastating girls of all ages. Is it true that you are hurting their feelings and still calling yourself ‘Miss Perfect’?” Jane shook her head although she knew that it was lying.

    “Are you sure?” Mr. Grouchy questioned. Jane nodded as hard as she could. Mr. Grouchy put on an intimidating face. Jane still said that she was telling the truth. “Janilla, stop. You know that you’re guilty. The more you lie, the more severe your punishment will be.” Jane shook her head. Underneath the table, Jane accidentally kicked Mr. Grouchy. Jane immediately winced.

    “Two weeks of lunch detention!” Mr. Grouchy yelled. Jane’s eyes welled up with tears as she ran out of the room.

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