Together, Forever by Min Z., 605

  Janice crawled to her room. “I’m a spy!” Janice grinned. “Spy, spy, SPY!” Janice’s older sister, Lanie, looked at Janice like she was crazy. “Ugh. Another weird game of yours. Hmph,” Lanie said snootily.

    Janice grimaced at Lanie and walked away. Janice could hear Lanie’s voice ringing in her head. “Another weird game of yours. Hmph.” “Another weird game of yours. Hmph.” Janice sighed and ran back to her room. Janice knew that Lanie was watching. Always.

    Janice sat on her bed and listened to Lanie chatting with her friend on the phone. Lanie ended the call and   walked into Janice’s room. Lanie’s grand entrance this time was flipping her perfect blonde curls into the air. “What’s up, little munchkin? Hope you’re having a bad day,” Lanie whispered. “Hah! You wish!” Janice grinned.

    Lanie walked out and Janice followed her. “Mission Impossible #1: Follow Lanie,”Janice mumbled to herself. Janice crawled silently behind Lanie. Lanie would turn around occasionally, but Janice would roll over and duck.

    Lanie looked stern, like she always did. Lanie whipped out her phone and laughed. “Don’t try to hide from me, Janice,” Lanie sneered. Lanie had turned camera mode on and the camera clearly showed Janice in the background. “Oh, Lanie. This was truly Mission Impossible #1,”Janice said sadly. “This is quite fun. We should play spy games more often,” Lanie replied. “Really?” Janice questioned.

    Lanie laughed and so did Janice. “And right now,”Lanie began. “We start becoming spies!”Janice finished. Lanie didn’t go on her phone as much anymore. Even though Lanie was mean sometimes, Janice knew that Lanie was warm-hearted on the inside.

    Janice knew that they would be together, forever.

Together, Forever

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