Beware By Min Z., 605

The little baby stared up at the ceiling. The woman standing in the corner put her finger on a button. “Death is approaching, little girl,”the woman whispered. The baby giggled and snorted. The woman pressed down a little bit harder on the button. The woman tripped over the hem of her dress.
“NO!”The woman hit the floor in frustration. The woman ran away as a young couple came and picked the little girl up. “Oh my, it’s a baby. You said that our first born child’s name will be Lila,”the young woman whispered. “Yes, her name shall be Lila,”the young man replied. The couple brought Lila back to their home.
10 years later…
Lila jumped off her bed and cheered, “A new day!”Lila grinned. Lila surfed down the staircase banister. Her mom and dad glared at Lila. Lila blushed and tried to look innocent. Lila scurried past her mom and dad. She sat at the oak table ad waited for her meal.
Lila wondered how her mom and dad got her. Was she created by her mother or was she adopted? If she was adopted, how did she get adopted. Lila wanted her birth story to be quite magical. Lila wouldn’t mind if it was dramatic. Lila knew that she was probably adopted from a boring adoption center.
Lila’s mother came into the dining room and poured cereal into Lila’s bowl. “Mother, how did you get me?”Lila questioned. “Adoption center. The adoption center is called Magical Adoption Center,”Lila’s mom replied. “But it’s not magical.” Lila sighed and slumped in her chair. Lila took one bite of her cereal and went upstairs.
Lila laid down in her bed and fell asleep. She dreamed about a wicked woman who was trying to kill her. Near the end of her dream, a young couple saved her. The wicked woman was gone, but the button was still laying in the corner. Lila woke up and she was frightened. “W-was that reality I just saw?”
Lila told her mom about her dream and her mom looked upset. “It’s reality,”her mom mumbled. “Don’t think about that woman. She was trying to hurt you. She might’ve been trying to kill you.”
Lila went outside to run an errand for her mother. Lila didn’t feel safe, so she took a pocket knife with her. Lila felt like someone was following. She turned around many times with her knife pointed, but nothing was ever there. She caught a glimpse of a shadow that looked like the woman in her dream. She sliced in the opposite direction of the shadow. Lila opened her eyes and saw that her pocket knife was covered with blood. The woman had disappeared. “I injured her. I suppose I didn’t kill her,”Lila mumbled to herself.
Lila came home an hour later. She told her mom all about the wicked woman. Her mom nodded and said,”You’re the target, Lila. Beware…”

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