Advertising Is A Sin, By Trinnity Y. 810

Tap. tap. Tap. “Please help! Come nowww! I think there’s a person following me!” I whispered to my phone, ending the call with Kali. Of course, when I really need help, it’s the time when she had to stay at school for something. “Aaaghh, let’s try to call Wilson then..” I muttered. I started dialing Wilson. Ring. Ring, Ring. Click. “WILSON YOU PICKED UP.” I exclaimed. “Yea what do you need, it’s like 10 pm, isn’t it past your bedtime.” Wilson said. “No, there’s a person following me. I also was late for the bus so.” “It’s probably nothing, maybe they’re your neighbor that never goes outside so they seem to look like they’re following you.” “I think I know all of my neighbors Wilson.” “Hmm, I don’t know but I think you should hurry home.” Click. Wilson ended the call. There’s no one to help me, my parents are away and my friends are either MIA or think I’m just dramatic.

I took a turn and headed towards CVS. Quickly, I shot a glance on the person following me. They were tall, wore a brown trench coat and a hat that covered most of their face. That’s annoying. Increasing my pace, I speed walked towards CVS and entered.

Light enveloped me and I was met with the radio music silently playing in the pharmacy. Looking towards my back, the person was still following me! What do they want?

After spending about 5 minutes in the candy section, I decided to confront the person. I mean, there are workers here so if I do get hurt, they would probably call the police. Right?

I looked around and saw the man towards my right, walking rather quickly towards me. I swiftly turned towards him and shouted, “What do you want?” I felt gazes of people and employees shift towards me, that’s good.

The man hesitated and handed me a GEICO business card. “I just wanted to give you this, I gave everyone a card on this block and you’re the last one.” “Nice excuse. You followed me around the block just to give me some dumb business card?” I exclaimed. “Uh, yea after I give you the last card I’m free to leave work.” I looked at the card he handed me and it shows the GEICO gecko on there, saying, “You thought someone was stalking you? Surprising. Do you know what’s not surprising? How much money you can save by switching to GEICO car insurance.”

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